Wednesday, December 2, 2009


FOREST TERRY is a legend, though relatively not many people are aware of him. I myself learned about him while digging through a storage space full of funk and soul 45's. When finding his record I could only think two things, "how can I get in touch with him" & "is that a keytar drawn in pencil on his record label?"

In fact, Forest Terry holds the patent to the Keytar.

Forest was a tripped out intellectual who dabbled his hands in electronics and psychedelic funk. His former band "Original Black Sheep" produced one of the most pyschedelic tunes ever committed to wax, as well as the best label design ever. Here we have Forest after launching his solo career, which produced only one single, again flexing funkadelic style beats on "Branching Out" and one acid heartthrob ballad "Satellite Love" which is also featured in this video. I believe the video was made 10 years after the songs were initially released, and it features his Keytar.

I just received news that he has passed away earlier this year. I hope this post can help keep his memory alive. I will post some links to an interview conducted by PJ Gray on Galactic Fractures soon.

Viva the legend of Forest Terry.

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