Friday, December 4, 2009


AS PROMISED, here are the full sets of Sean Boogie, Tom Noble & Allen Thayer (with intro by Proof, and one or two near the end from Louis)

Thanks to John Blunc & Jacob for dreaming up such a night, & the whole Sweater Funk Family for hosting this. John took the time to transcribe all the liner notes as the night was happening. An amazing task that surely his 6 month stint in Bahia helped him with.

Most of these tunes are coming from Brazil, with additions from France, Africa & the UK. Proof sets it off with a great american boogie joint, and that's it folks, the rest is all greek.


can you find the time into......


Kash-percussion sundance (sweden)
High Resolution-sweeping off (it)
Marcos Valle-naturalmente (br)
McKenzie & Gardner-from time (uk)
Intrigue-let sleeping dogs lie (uk)
Junko Ohashi-dancing (jp)
Matakena-nuts on me (it) (best title ever)
Celly-bump story (it)
Plaisir-visa por aimer (fr)
Tim Maia-terapeutica (br)
Oby Onyioha-i want to feel your love (nigeria)
Blue Feather-feel good (holland)
Ahmed Fakroun-soleil soleil (fr?)

Lafayette-rise (br)
Painel de Controlle-relax (br)
Don Beto-saber viver (br)
Ronaldo Reseder- e novamente mas que nada (br)
Equipe Radio Cidade- bons tempos (br)
La Charanga- amor prohibido (pr)
Rita Lee-agora e moda
Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Anja(???)-disco dancer(???) (india?)
Louis Ramirez-do it any way you wanna (?)
Disco Show-love me all the night (br)

Allen Thayer (all brasil)

Banda Black Rio-cherelle
Dede-preciso de voce? (label scratched off)
Cassiano-ta dando mole, ze
Sandra Sa-tren da carnival
Marcos Valle-estrellar
EW&F-brazilian rhyme
Banda Black Rio-expresso maduriera
Emilio Santiago-o amigo de nova york
Tim Maia-o descobrir dos 7 mares
Sergio Mallandro-mas que ideia
Tim Maia-nao va (inst)

free-for-all with Sean, Tom, Allen and dj Auto

Lafayette-sol de verao (br)
Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivette-ginga (br)
Jorge Bem-oe oe faz o carro de boi na estrada (br)
Dizzy K-omoge (nigeria)
52nd Street-look into my eyes (uk)
Brylho-se voce for a salvador (br)
Micky Milan-quand tu dances (fr)
Nacio Hip Hop-??? (br)
Forca Funk-??? (br) -my favorite of the night
Yasuka Agawa-LA nights (jp)


  1. yo tom! are you able to re-upload these? I think they will stay much longer if you use megaupload..