Wednesday, June 9, 2010

COLOUR - unreleased Lo Fi soul & boogie

WHEN I posted for Beat Electric, I used to maintain a column called "Raw Boogie". The idea was to highlight boogie joints from the late 80's and other tunes from the quote unquote golden era that had odd mixes, usually from limited recording resources. Now that I have a record label the guest column days are over and it is now time to release these gems on vinyl.

Kicking things off in this department is Colour! Colour's real name is Colouria and she is hailing from the LA region. She and her husband & producer, George Gullet, created a very rare 45 single in the shy 80's. The record is unbelievably rare and highly sought after, and included the standout tune "I Want Your Body (Dancin')" b/w a moody stepper "Deeper". Both are nice examples of synth & drum machine pieces, recorded at home studios. A little more digging into her archives and we managed to locate a lost soul classic entitled "Do I Love You". A killer example of drum machines having soul, "Do I Love You" starts off with stark drum programming as well as a synth slap bass which warm into a stellar vocal performance from Colouria with a charming hook.

Set for a release in late July, we at Superior Elevation have put together "Do I Love You" from unrleased demos backed with "I Want Your Body" to be released on a picture sleeve 45.



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