Friday, August 27, 2010


LA, 1985: Moral Fiber Records releases "Take Away The Dope", a serious bit of witchcraft laid down by the Prophet Brothers. This is the same group responsible for producing the underground West Coast electro jam "War Zone" on Globell 12" (click to buy vinyl). War Zone (click to hear audio) was released under the guise Mcfarland & Marshall. Each of the singles included the same three man team of Mcfarland, Marshall & Talbert. Both tunes by this 3 man production team are aimed at waging war on the drug insurgence in the city at that time, while using psychedelic street style music subversively to convey a message of self awareness & morality toward youths, urging them to stay off dope. Did it work? Probably not. Is it Dope? Oh yes.

Free download:
PROPHET BROTHERS - "Take Away The Dope" Tom Noble edit

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