Sunday, November 21, 2010

EXIT "Detroit Leaning"

EXIT "Detroit Leaning" b/w "I Wanna Dance" SE-1001
small hole 7" single (plays at 33rpm) pink labels, limited edition

Superior Elevation is proud to present to you the raw unadulterated Motor City Funk of Exit, a one man band consisting of the psychedelic artist George Gullet. Originally from Detroit, George relocated to California in 1980 and soon afterwards began to reminisce about the "D". He decided to take home-studio action and recorded "Detroit Leaning", a synth string's drive through a dark neighborhood of Motor City.

Limited run, soon to become collector's item. This is also the first release on Superior Elevation Records, formerly Lotus Land Records, distributed by Peoples Potential Unlimited & Superior Elevation.

Detroit Leaning


  1. Really nice record , been spinning it everyday since i got it. Did it come with a sleeve as pictured here ? I only got the 7" in an inner sleeve.

  2. No, the pic sleeve was only manufactured in Japan. I still have more copies of the 45. If I make the picture sleeve I'll write about it here, then you could mail me and I'll send one.