Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beats In Space #556


Tim Sweeney of Beats In Space WNYU recently hit me up for a mix on his wicked radio show. Amped off this request I took the liberty to dice up about 12 new edits for the show. Also included some of my faves in non edited form, and one MINDblowing Jason Lev edit. The tune by We Buy Gold is actually me and my brother Andy Noble of Kings Go Forth (on bass) tearing up a latin version of My Forbidden Lover. Hope you enjoy!

Check the mix here!

13. Eddie Hooper - Tomorrow's Sun (Tom Noble Edit)
14. Iyicko - Hung Up (Tom Noble Edit)
15. Down in the Ghetto (Tom Noble Edit)
16. Ronaldo Reseda - Mas Que Nada (Tom Noble Edit)
17. We Buy Gold - Forbidden Lover (Tom Noble Edit)
18. Tomorrow's Edition - Song 4 Everyone (Tom Noble Edit)
19. One Way - Didn't Mean To Break Your Heart (Tom Noble Edit)
20. Together - Teasing Me (Tom Noble Edit)
21. Alfredo de la Fe - Hot 2 Trot (Tom Noble Edit)
22. Flight - Flying High
23. Family of Eve - Having it So Bad (Tom Noble Edit)
24. Make It - Truth Is Jason Lev Edit
25. Sumy - Soul With Milk (Tom Noble Edit)
26. Prince - Just As Long As We're Together (Tom Noble Edit)
27. Hot Chocolate - I Just Love What You're Doing
28. Emerson - Sending All My Love Out


  1. Hi Tom, I absolutely love this mix !
    One thing : you forgot to put Painel de Control in the tracklisting..

    Your edit of the Message is simply great ! Will it be released at some point ?!

  2. Awesome! Got me through the workday...

  3. Hey Tom,

    I'm looking for a track I think you played like a year ago for a Sweater Funk party. The lyrics go "make it last, make it last, make it last yeah you and me baby."

    Another part goes "we can work it out, leave old situations in the past."

    I've searched everywhere for it every since I heard it on this mix. Any ideas on the track name?

  4. @jocoiro - it wasn't me. i don't know those lyrics! sorry.

    @emmanuel - hoping to do something with that edit. maybe in a few months?