Tuesday, April 19, 2011

LIGER MUSIC 2 - Tom & Whitemare

LIGER MUSIC is back. This time it's a CD comp featuring a nice double feature of low FI lost groove and deep L8Ties songs for you. At Liger Vision's website you can also find clothing pairings that match the color of the packaging.

Tom Noble -
1. hottest - really love you baby
2. slimline - get it up
3. u neak - honey baby
4. tom noble - mystic's beat
5. marcel evans - will you show up
6. jady current - standing there
7. image - you're my only desire
8. holt bros. - do what you wanna do
9. tom noble - fun company
10. dwight sykes & jahari - rock steady

WhiteMare -
1. schyl perry intro
2. tj hustler "tell me why"
3. spontaneous overthrow "party"
4. ed n sted "under consideration"
5. million dollar ecstasy "greed"
6. ed n sted "between righteousness"
7. al smith & ken brown "universal love"
9. al smith & ken brown "love for two"
10. otis g. johnson "god love"

Sounds coming soon. In the meantime check for clips at Earcave.

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