Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Remix SE 1004 Ice Band with Unique Pleasure

Ice Band with Unique Pleasure - "Live People (remix)"

Remixed by Tom Noble

Superior Elevation release no. SE-1004

6 minutes long, One sided.

Here we have a very rare release from Ohio's own Ice Band with vocal group Unique Pleasure.  This time we are keeping it to a true limited issue of 200. 
This release is much like the Charlie Clemons project, where we took an old private press 45 and gave it a New York cocaine habit, and a new set of wheels, all using the original master tapes and no special additives (like heavy kicks or the like). 

"This originally came to my attention via private label 45, played over the old Deep Funk online radio archives, perhaps by Ian Wright or a mate.  Ever since first hearing it it was clear that the song really needed a  remix.  It was great, had all the right elements of production, format, style, but lacked consistency that most (classic) disco songs rely on to hypnotize dancers and make them want to dance for extended amounts of time.  All of this became possible after I dug up the label owners and got access to their original 8 track sessions.  I promptly had them transferred to digital and started my new remodeling of the Ice Band's already cool song.  After making some tough choices about what stayed and went, I finally nailed a strong mix and sent it off to the lab for mixing.  Came out juicy and rocking, much stronger than the original 45 pressing, yet so different that the two could possibly be played back to back and nobody would tell.  Proud to be able to make this happen.  One more all natural disco face lift now ready for today's set of disco revisionistas." - Disco Tom Noble

February 8, 2012