The story of Superior Elevation Records begins with our former label, Lotus Land Records.

In 2004 the label Lotus Land Records was born.  Birthed in a record store that specialized in rare soul & funk, the intent of this label was to reissue, on vinyl, the "best of the best" independent American soul & funk music from the 1976-1986 era.  Lotus Land focused on amazing songs and albums which had been criminally overlooked at the time of original release, yet in painfully high demand with today's collector's & DJs.

Full catalog of Lotus Land's releases:
LL-1001 - Pamoja/Jewel - "Ooh Baby" b/w "Paradise"
LL-1002 - Family Of Eve - "I Wanna Be Loved By You" b/w "Please Be Truthful"
LL-1003 - Ramsey & Company - "Love Call" b/w "Leg Grease"
LL-1004 - Halo - "Let Me Do It" b/w Extended Disco Mix
LL-1005 - Crystal - "Music" b/w "Giving My Love Up To You"
LL-1006 - Wynd Chymes - "Baby You're The One" b/w Instrumental Edit
LL-1007 - Cojo - "Play It By Ear" b/w "Head's Up"
LL-1008 - La Rom Baker - "You're The Best" b/w "Love Will Make It Better"
LL-1009 - Darwin's Theory - "Keep On Smiling" b/w "I Love Everything About You"
LL-1010 - Darwin's Theory - "S/T" - LP/CD

Superior Elevation Releases:
SE-1001 - Exit - "Detroit Leaning" b/w "I Wanna Dance"
SE-1002 - Charlie Clemons - "The Devil Has Made This Land His Playground" b/w "God Is Fire" - unreleased master tape remixes